Drainage Improvement Project


The Village of Third Lake is inviting bids from qualified contractors for the Mainsail Drainage Improvements.  This project consists of approximately 800 feet of new PVC Storm Sewer, Storm Sewer Removal, Class D Patching, Grind and Overlay of roadway and all appurtenant construction.

All Contracts for the Construction of Public Works are subject to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (820 ILCS 130/1-12).

Bid opening will take place on January 15, 2020 at 10:01 A.M. at the Third Lake Village Hall, 87 N. Lake Avenue, Third Lake, Illinois.

Interested and qualified contractors can obtain plans and specifications from the office of IMEG Corp., 4850 Grand Avenue, Gurnee, IL 60031, (847) 336-7100 upon presentation of a non-refundable plan fee of $30.00.

Where’s the Snow Plow?

NEW – Snow Plow Tracker

Snow Plows

LCDOT is excited to introduce to you the new snow plow tracker! Motorists can check the progress of snow and ice removal on all 26 of LCDOT’s plow routes through Lake County PASSAGE. See the direction each snow plow is heading, its current speed, and more. You can even view the latest road conditions through snapshots taken from each plow, which are updated every three minutes. See how it works by watching this video.

We Take Credit Cards!!!

Need to pay for a permit or boat sticker? Did you get a parking ticket (I hope not)? The Village now takes credit cards. There is a very small convenience fee. You can even pay over the phone in the event that you cannot come to the Village Hall during office hours.

Duck Hunting

We have had residents express concerns about hearing gunfire.Waterfowl hunting is allowed in unincorporated areas. Illinois Department of Natural Resources regulates size and power of the shotguns and requires hunters to be at least 100 yards away from an inhabited dwelling. If you would like additional information please click here to access the DNR Hunting and Trapping Regulations.