What’s that Smell?

Skunks have been causing problems for several residents this winter. There are a few things that you can do to prevent them from living near your home. Log piles, lumber piles, and building materials can serve as hiding places for skunks. Store these in a shed or a bin. Large bushes also provide good shelter for skunks, so you may want to trim back the branches to make them less inviting. Make sure that your garbage is properly disposed and that skunks cannot get into garbage cans.  Close off spaces around your house that make possible homes for skunks  (decks, porches)  Ammonia, pepper spray, citrus peels, and fox and dog urine have also been proven to deter skunks from making their home near your house. 

If all else fails and the skunk won’t leave, you will need to contact a licensed wildlife control company.  The Village has a Skunk Removal and Assistance Program which will reimburse 50% of the cost of the skunk removal up to a maximum of $75.  Fill out the reimbursement form and mail to the Village.