Video Gaming

In 2014 the Trustees of the Village of Third Lake voted to allow video gambling as an additional source of revenue for the Village.  In 2019, the state of Illinois increased the number of terminals allowed for each business from 4 to 6 and the Village increased our ordinance limits accordingly. 

While the increased revenue to the Village is a benefit, the trustees also realize that gambling can have a negative effect to some of the citizens in our community.  After a very constructive and informative discussion between trustees, a social services provider, a local merchant and a video gaming machine company at the December Board meeting, the Trustees voted to follow the example set by unincorporated Lake County and designate a modest portion of the gaming revenue towards helping those in our community who are impacted by problematic gambling. The research to identify the specific area of funding is underway with a goal of it specifically benefiting Third Lake residents. Examples of methods under consideration include signage listing support resources on gaming machines, educational seminars for Village residents, or grants to agencies who provide gambling recovery services within Third Lake. Resident thoughts and comments are always welcomed as this is very much work in progress.