The Village is Ready for Boating

Starting today you can purchase your boat stickers at the Village Hall.

Since the State of Illinois stopped requiring the registration of canoes and kayaks, the Village will no longer require boat stickers for these non-motorized vessels.  Stickers will still be required for motorboats, jet skis, battery operated boats and sailboats. 

Every motorized boat and sailboat which are operated on Third Lake and Druce Lake are required to have a village sticker.  Stickers can be purchased at the Village Hall during office hours or over the phone using a credit card. A current copy of your boat registration must also be provided. The lake ordinance (Ord. 20-02-02) will be enforced this year by the Lake County Sheriffs office. 

The cost of the boat launch key at the Village launch has been reduced to $10.

            10 horsepower or less — $25       Sailboat ———-— $10

             11 – 25 horsepower  —–- $35      Electric Motor ——$15

             Over 25 horsepower —–- $45