The Village has issued a solicitor permit for Total Midwest Construction. The authorized solicitor is Jim Owcarz and the permit is valid from 6/27/2020 through 7/6/2020 Before issuing a permit, a background check of the authorized individual is conducted. Please see the Ordinance regarding soliciting for more detailed information.

If the solicitor does not show a badge as pictured below, then the solicitor was not authorized and should be reported to Lake County Sheriff. The badge will be filled in and signed by a staff member of the village. In addition, the Village seal is imprinted on the card. If you have any questions as to the validity of the badge, please call the Village Hall or send an email.

As also stated in the ordinance, if you do not wish for a solicitor to visit your residence, please place a sign near the main entrance door which contains such language as “No Solicitation”, “No Solicitors”, “No Solicitors Invited”.

Druce and Third Lake Weed Treatment

Clarke Aquatics is planning to apply the herbicide applications on Druce and Third Lakes tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10th (weather permitting). Clarke will treat for invasive species (Curly leaf pondweed, Eurasian watermilfoil and algae bloom) in the problem areas that were discovered during our annual inspection.   

Residents may leave boats and piers in the water. We do ask for smaller items to be removed including kayaks, paddleboats, floats, etc to allow easier access to the shoreline areas. 

After the treatments are completed the lakes can be used for all regular recreational activities including swimming, boating, fishing and fish consumption immediately following the treatment.

There will be a 5 day irrigation restriction immediately following the treatment.  Residents that utilize an irrigation pump to draw water out of the lake will need to keep the pump off until Tuesday, June 16th

Covid-19 Testing Site is Moving

The new site, located at 102 W. Water St., Waukegan, will be open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., or until 750 test kits are completed for the day. The Illinois National Guard administers the tests, and results are provided by phone in 4-7 days. Testing is free and available regardless of immigration status. A phone number and name are required in order to receive testing results. 

Please see this link for more details.