Zebra Mussels

Zebra mussels were first discovered in the Great Lakes area in the 1980s. They have slowly invaded many of the lakes in Lake County. The mussels can be spread to different lakes from boats, birds and geese, and through the watershed. Zebra mussels can cause damage to the native ecosystems. Most notably in the Village of Third Lake, they attach to boats, piers and anything in the water. Even the dam needs to be periodically cleaned because the zebra mussels can cause a problem with the flow of water.

Thanks to John Sonneberg, Joe Rigalski and a team of students at Grayslake North High School, the Village will be participating in a study monitoring zebra mussels. On July 30th Monitoring devices will be attached to the no-wake buoys in Third Lake. On Druce Lake, the devices will be attached to the piers belonging to some residents. Please do not tamper with the devices so we can get an accurate reading of the zebra mussels. This is not a treatment for zebra mussels at this time. We are hoping that the information received from the study will help us understand the situation and determine if treatment is possible in the future.

The monitoring device will collect zebra mussels for the study