No Street Parking When it Snows

With the anticipated snow forecasted….please be aware that there is NO parking on the Village streets.

Village Ordinance No. 11-08-05 states that there is no parking of any vehicle on Village streets at any time within 12 hours after a snowfall of 1 inch or more that has occurred.

This will allow for a more efficient snow removal due to the extended period of time the snow is expected fall.

Calling in a vehicle left on the road overnight during / after a snowfall of 1 inch or more will not excuse you from receiving a violation and parking tickets so please park in your driveway.

As a courtesy to your neighbors, please remember to shovel your sidewalks, around fire hydrants and mailboxes and do NOT snow blow or shovel it back into the streets.

Not complying with these ordinances may result in the issuance of a $25.00 fine.