What’s on the Lake?

Are you seeing strange looking scum on the lake? The Village had the lake tested this week by the Lake County Health Department. The result was a combination of filamentous algae, pollen and also some blue-green algae. The blue-green is not a dangerous level and the Village will continue to monitor. The recommendation of the LCHD is ‘WHEN IN DOUBT STAY OUT” because blooms can change over time. If a visible bloom is present, the best course of action is to limit exposure, especially with pets and children who are more prone to ingesting water.

Weed Survey Today!

Clarke will be on Druce and Third Lakes today (May 10) inspecting the lakes.

During the surveys they will be slowing driving around the lake while the sonar collects data from  underneath the boat. Simultaneously, they will be tossing a weed rake into the water to sample the plant species.  There will be no herbicides on board the boat and no herbicides will be applied in the water.  Occasionally they will get water in their intake and have to flush it out through the sprayer, they will only be spraying water, no chemicals.