Carp Fishing

There have been a lot of carp spotted in the lake so far this summer. Why are carp a problem? Carp cause serious damage to the native fish populations in the lakes because they out-compete other fish for food and space. If you catch a carp, please do not put the fish back in the lake. The Village has allowed carp fishermen to bow fish for carp on Third Lake. You may have seen a boat with bright lights and wondered what they are doing. The lights on the boat allow the fishermen to target carp and leave other species alone. They travel close to shorelines looking for the fish. The conditions for carp bow fishing have to be just right so the Village will not be able to schedule when they will be on the lake. The fishermen remove the fish from the water for disposal and are doing a service for the Village at no charge. If you happen to see them, please give them a friendly wave and thank them for the service they are providing!