Clarke Surveys for Druce and Third Lake

Clarke has completed the surveys for both lakes and recommends treatment for invasive plants in the outlined area of the BioBase surveys. See the surveys here.

The Village of Third Lake treats only for invasive plant species. It is important to have a healthy balance of plant growth in the lake for water quality, as a source of oxygen, to create a habitat and a food source for fish. Plants absorb excess nutrients which could cause algae blooms. The majority of the beneficial, native plants in the lakes are American pondweed and Filiform pondweed.

The invasive plants found in both lakes consist of Curly leaf pondweed and Eurasian water milfoil. The prescribed treatment will target these plants. The treatment will take place in approximately 2 weeks. Please be on the lookout for the yellow flag and check the website or Facebook page to know the exact date.

The Lake County Health Department is planning to conduct another aquatic vegetation tour this summer either late July or early August. There was a great turnout last year, so get your kayaks, canoes, paddle boards ready and join our Lake County experts. The exact date has not been scheduled at this time. Stay tuned!