Lake Vegetation

We are aware that the vegetation is worse this year compared to past years. The early ice out (melting ice) caused all the vegetation to get an early start on all the lakes in the Midwest, not just Third Lake. We have completed our vegetation survey and we will be treating for the Milfoil only this year. Third Lake only treats for invasive species.

We have received many phone calls at the Village with suggestions on how to fix this problem. Cutting the weeds is a short term fix as the weed parts that fall to the bottom and will grow as additional plants so the weeds will get thicker. Please do not dump chemicals in the lake. We are balancing between a healthy lake for fishermen and sports lovers and mass weed kills from chemical treatment causes algae blooms. Some of the blooms may be dangerous for people with health problems and pets.

The Village is in constant communication with the Lake County Health Department regarding lake management and is working with Wisconsin Lake and Pond resource for a multi-year plan to reduce the Curly Leaf weed.

We are also working on multiple directions to reduce the invasive species coming in from the creek. If you have any questions please reach out to the village.