Yellow Flag Update

Yellow flags are down. The rain and wind this weekend broke down the algae blooms on the lake and the water is looking clear. Even though the blooms are no longer visible, the Lake County Health Department still advises, “WHEN IN DOUBT STAY OUT” because blooms can change over time and move to different areas of the lake. If you see a bloom, please notify the Village as soon as possible so that it can be tested. It would be helpful if you email the village ( a picture of the algae and the location where it is spotted. Thanks for your help in keeping our residents safe, especially our little ones and pets who are the most vulnerable to the toxins from blue green algae.

Blue Green Algae – Yellow Flag

Blue Green Algae has been spotted on Third Lake. Please take precautions when using the lake. Blue Green algae can be very dangerous to pets or children who ingest water containing the algae. Make sure to wash hands after touching lake water and before eating.

Lake County Health Department has taken samples of the algae and results will be updated when they are available. After speaking with LCHD, there are many lakes in the area that are having a similar problems due to warmer weather and lack of rain.

Carp Fishing

There have been a lot of carp spotted in the lake so far this summer. Why are carp a problem? Carp cause serious damage to the native fish populations in the lakes because they out-compete other fish for food and space. If you catch a carp, please do not put the fish back in the lake. The Village has allowed carp fishermen to bow fish for carp on Third Lake. You may have seen a boat with bright lights and wondered what they are doing. The lights on the boat allow the fishermen to target carp and leave other species alone. They travel close to shorelines looking for the fish. The conditions for carp bow fishing have to be just right so the Village will not be able to schedule when they will be on the lake. The fishermen remove the fish from the water for disposal and are doing a service for the Village at no charge. If you happen to see them, please give them a friendly wave and thank them for the service they are providing!

Yellow Flag

Several residents took it upon themselves to contract a service to treat vegetation in front of their homes on Third Lake without notifying the Village. The chemical that was used kills all vegetation (Reward Aquathol and Colmean). We were told that the water is safe for swimming, however,

What’s on the Lake?

Are you seeing strange looking scum on the lake? The Village had the lake tested this week by the Lake County Health Department. The result was a combination of filamentous algae, pollen and also some blue-green algae. The blue-green is not a dangerous level and the Village will continue to monitor. The recommendation of the LCHD is ‘WHEN IN DOUBT STAY OUT” because blooms can change over time. If a visible bloom is present, the best course of action is to limit exposure, especially with pets and children who are more prone to ingesting water.

Weed Survey Today!

Clarke will be on Druce and Third Lakes today (May 10) inspecting the lakes.

During the surveys they will be slowing driving around the lake while the sonar collects data from  underneath the boat. Simultaneously, they will be tossing a weed rake into the water to sample the plant species.  There will be no herbicides on board the boat and no herbicides will be applied in the water.  Occasionally they will get water in their intake and have to flush it out through the sprayer, they will only be spraying water, no chemicals.

Board Meeting

The monthly Board Meeting for the Village of Third Lake will be held on March 15, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall, 87 N Lake Ave. The agenda can be found here. Please wear a mask and remember to practice social distancing.

Bulk Garbage Pickup Day

The annual spring trash clean up day is during the week of April 26th. Place your bulk items at the curb on your regular trash day during the week of April 26th. Furniture and large items will be collected as long as it is manageable for the driver to pick up. Carpeting must be rolled up, tied, weigh less than 50 pounds and less than 4 feet in length.