Explanation of Aquatic Weeds tour on August 5th

The date and time have been set for the Lake County Health Departments, “Explanation of Aquatic Weeds”

All kayakers, paddleboards and canoers are welcome to join LCHD for an educational tour of the water vegetation in the lake. There is no fee for this event and if you wish to participate please email the Village to be added to the list. The meet up is at the Mariner’s Cove boat Launch at 2PM on August 5th If you know anyone who wants to participate in this please have them email Vstevens@thirdlakevillage.com or call the Village at 847-223-8422.

Venetian Night, August 21st

The Village of Third Lake is excited to announce the first Venetian Night Parade to be held on August 21st, 2021. Don’t miss this fun, family friendly event with prizes! Our first theme is, “anything goes.” If you can dream it, then build it! Decorate your boat like an ark, a hippy bus or even a pirate ship, the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours! Winners are judged on creativity based on the theme, costumes, and decorations. 1st place wins a trophy, free registration sticker and launch key for 2022. Judges will compile the votes that evening and a winner will be announced. Runner up will be the people’s choice based on the most votes from calls, emails, and Facebook tallied for two weeks after the parade.

The parade will set sail at approximately 6:30 PM near the Lake Ave. boat launch and will circle the lake in a counter clock-wise motion along the edge for all homeowners to see. Line up starts at 6PM at the launch with the parade commencing at 6:30PM. Register your boat today by emailing thirdlake@comcast.net.

For more details, email Vstevens@thirdlakevillage.com or call Victoria Stevens at (847) 223-8422.Lakeside residence can participate in deciding the people’s choice winner by voting via Facebook, emailing Vstevens@thirdlakevillage.com or thirdlake@comcast.net, or calling 847-223-8422.

Residents surrounding or on Druce Lake and neighborhoods in Third Lake not on the water can view the parade from the boat launches.

Keep your eye open on the lake for any tie up parties after the parade.

Thank you and may the best boat win!

Your friends at the Village of Third Lake.

A rain date is scheduled on August 28th, 2021 if necessary.

Explanation of Aquatic Weeds Tour

On August 5th, 2021 please join the Lake County Health Department for an, “Explanation of Aquatic Weeds.” At 2PM please bring your kayaks, paddle boards, or canoes over to the Mariner’s Cove boat launch on Third Lake.  Due to the shallow depths you will be exploring along the edges of the lake, we do not advise motor boats participating at this time.  There is no fee for this event so if you wish to participate, please email the Village at thirdlake@comcast.net so you don’t miss out!

Kayaking and canoeing with family. Children on canoe. Family on kayak ride.