Mariner’s Cove Subdivision is scheduled for sweeping on Tuesday, April 11th, 2023.   To help us provide the best service possible, residents are asked to please:

Keep vehicles off residential streets to allow the sweeper to do a proper job

 Place garbage containers and recycling away from the road on collections days

 Keep basketball and hockey nets off the road and far enough back from the curb

Thank you,

Village of Third Lake

Mariner’s Cove Retention Pond

The work on the retention ponds in Mariner’s Cove will begin before August 1st. The Village is finishing some final paperwork so the exact start date is not known at this time. Aldridge should start mobilizing equipment within the next week and the project should take approximately one month to complete. If you have any questions, please contact the Village Hall.

This operator is ready to get started!

2nd Annual Venetian Night Parade is August 6th, 2022

Our annual Venetian Night Parade will be held on August 6th, 2022. Don’t miss this fun, family friendly event with prizes! It’s an “anything goes”  theme so if you can dream it, then build it!  Winners are judged on creativity based on theme, costumes, music, and decorations. 1st place wins a trophy, a 2023 boat registration sticker for your boat and a launch key. 

Runner up will be the People’s Choice based on the most votes from calls, emails, and Facebook. The parade can be viewed from any of the boat launches, fire lanes or join your neighbors on

Third Lake.

Please email for more information and registration.

Lake County Bike Path Study

LCDOT is studying the potential non-motorized improvement for a new 1.4-mile multi-use path along Washington Street between Mainsail Drive and Almond Road in the Villages of Gurnee and Third Lake, and Unincorporated Lake County. This is an opportunity to fill an identified bike path gap between Mainsail Drive and Almond Road. The project will also include a new sidewalk between Sextant Drive and Mainsail Drive on the north side of Washington Street, filling in an identified sidewalk gap.

The aim is to install a bike path on either the north side or the south side of Washington Street from Mainsail Drive to Almond Road. At this public forum will show the alignment alternatives on both the north and south sides of the road for comment. Lake County is targeting 2024 construction for this project, which is currently in Phase I (Preliminary Engineering). 

Provide Input at:

Reason for the Study

A bike path gap currently exists between Mainsail Drive and Almond Road on Washington St. A sidewalk gap also exists between Sextant Drive and Mainsail Drive on Washington St. 

The completion of this 1.4-mile gap will provide nearly seven miles of continuous bike network along Washington St. spanning from the Village of Round Lake to the Village of Gurnee. Users will be connected to many key destinations like businesses, schools, parks, forest preserves, Metra and Pace stops, and the College of Lake County as well as other bike trails like the Millennium Trail and the Des Plaines River Trail.

LCDOT works with municipal agencies and other partners to look for opportunities to connect the dots and fill the gaps in the non-motorized network. A path along this corridor was listed in Lake County’s 2040 Non-Motorized Plan that identifies opportunities to improve the viability of travel in Lake County without the need for an automobile. 

Providing Input

LCDOT created a virtual forum for you to share your ideas and questions through June 17, 2022.  Use the interactive comment map to provide an exact location of your input. All input submitted through the website goes directly to the project study team. 

Provide your input and learn more at:

Others ways to provide input on the project include: 

  • Email
  • Mailing
    Lake County Division of Transportation
    600 W. Winchester Road, Libertyville, IL 60048
  • Calling

Project Timeline

This project will span a few years of planning, coordination, and design before construction will begin. Currently, construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 dependent upon project readiness and funding availability. Ensure you stay up to date by signing up for project updates