Explanation of Aquatic Weeds Tour

On August 5th, 2021 please join the Lake County Health Department for an, “Explanation of Aquatic Weeds.” At 2PM please bring your kayaks, paddle boards, or canoes over to the Mariner’s Cove boat launch on Third Lake.  Due to the shallow depths you will be exploring along the edges of the lake, we do not advise motor boats participating at this time.  There is no fee for this event so if you wish to participate, please email the Village at thirdlake@comcast.net so you don’t miss out!

Kayaking and canoeing with family. Children on canoe. Family on kayak ride.

Clarke is treating Third Lake!

Clarke will be applying the herbicide application on Third Lake on Monday, July 12th, weather permitting.  The treatment will target Eurasian water milfoil which is an invasive species. There is no treatment for Druce Lake as this time. The water levels in Druce Lake are too low and Clarke is unable to launch the boat needed to complete the recheck.

There are no restrictions for swimming, however, there will be a 5 day irrigation restriction immediately following the application.  Any residents utilizing an irrigation pump to draw water from the lake to water lawns, trees, landscaping, food gardens or flowers will need to discontinue using the system for 5 days; until Saturday, July 17th.

Druce Lake Beach Closed

The Village just received word from the Lake County Health Department that the water sample taken from Druce Lake beach is unsafe for swimming. The LCHD tests the beach every other week for E Coli bacteria. They will be out today (6/29) to retest. Please continue to check the Village website for updates. Additionally, since rain events tend to lead to elevated bacteria levels in the water column, the LCHD advises that persons avoid swimming after a large rain event.

Yellow Flag Update

Yellow flags are down. The rain and wind this weekend broke down the algae blooms on the lake and the water is looking clear. Even though the blooms are no longer visible, the Lake County Health Department still advises, “WHEN IN DOUBT STAY OUT” because blooms can change over time and move to different areas of the lake. If you see a bloom, please notify the Village as soon as possible so that it can be tested. It would be helpful if you email the village (thirdlake@comcast.net) a picture of the algae and the location where it is spotted. Thanks for your help in keeping our residents safe, especially our little ones and pets who are the most vulnerable to the toxins from blue green algae.