Yellow Flag Warning

After a quick survey of Third lake, it appears that there could be blue green algae on a large portion of the lake. The water has not been tested yet by the Lake County Health Department, but the Village advices using caution if participating in water activities.

Mosquito Spraying Tonight 7/21/22

Clarke will be performing the second Village wide adult mosquito control application this evening, July 21, 2022, into Friday morning, weather conditions permitting based on collections of West Nile Virus positive mosquito collections. This application will be done in conjunction with the Village of Gurnee and Warren Township.

Please do your part to help eliminate mosquitos.

  • Remove hiding spaces for mosquitos (tall grass, weeds, compost piles, overgrown vegetation, lawn furniture)
  • Clear standing water. Check in flower pots, wheelbarrows, tires, bird baths (change water frequently), buckets, grill covers, tarps, trash can lids, and gutters.
  • Add mosquito repelling plants to your landscape (citronella, bee balm, lavender, catnip, marigolds, peppermint)

Mariner’s Cove Retention Pond

The work on the retention ponds in Mariner’s Cove will begin before August 1st. The Village is finishing some final paperwork so the exact start date is not known at this time. Aldridge should start mobilizing equipment within the next week and the project should take approximately one month to complete. If you have any questions, please contact the Village Hall.

This operator is ready to get started!

2nd Annual Venetian Night Parade is August 6th, 2022

Our annual Venetian Night Parade will be held on August 6th, 2022. Don’t miss this fun, family friendly event with prizes! It’s an “anything goes”  theme so if you can dream it, then build it!  Winners are judged on creativity based on theme, costumes, music, and decorations. 1st place wins a trophy, a 2023 boat registration sticker for your boat and a launch key. 

Runner up will be the People’s Choice based on the most votes from calls, emails, and Facebook. The parade can be viewed from any of the boat launches, fire lanes or join your neighbors on

Third Lake.

Please email for more information and registration.