Time to Spring Forward

Daylight Savings Time begins on March 8th at 2 a.m. Time to move your clocks ahead one hour.

Did you know that this could be the last time you need to change your clocks?  The Illinois Senate passed an amendment which would make daylight saving time the year-round standard time of the entire State.  It’s still not definite yet, so we will just have to wait and see!

Are you ready for an emergency?

In 2020, resolve to stay alert and be prepared for any emergency!  Here are a few tips to get started. Visit the Ready.gov website for more information.

  • Discuss emergency plans with your family, including a family evacuation plan and a meet up location if you get separated. 
  • Start and grow an emergency savings account. 
  • Reach out and connect with your neighbors, as being connected helps keep your neighborhood safe. 
  • Learn basic safety skills, including first aid, CPR & how to shut off utilities to keep you and your loved ones safe.




Where’s the Snow Plow?

NEW – Snow Plow Tracker

Snow Plows

LCDOT is excited to introduce to you the new snow plow tracker! Motorists can check the progress of snow and ice removal on all 26 of LCDOT’s plow routes through Lake County PASSAGE. See the direction each snow plow is heading, its current speed, and more. You can even view the latest road conditions through snapshots taken from each plow, which are updated every three minutes. See how it works by watching this video.