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Stopping, Standing & Parking

Animal Control

Burning & Disposal of Leaves & Yard Waste

Zoning Ordinance

Prohibiting Nuisances

Solicitation Ordinance

Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas

Watershed Development

Liquor License    —-                         (Liquor license application)

Gaming License  —-                        (Gaming License application)
                                                         (Personal Interest form)  – This needs to be completed
                                                          by all applicants and by all managers at the location

Property Maintenance

Rental Ordinance for Residential properties   –  Rental property owners are required  to complete registration form each year.  The form can be found here.

Traffic Speed

Prohibiting the Discharge of Firearms

Fish Cribs Rules and Regulations

Business License Ordinance(Application for Business License)

Waterstone PUD

Boating Ordinance