Aquatic Plant Management for Lake Owners

Lake County Water Quality Specialists Gerard Urbanozo and James Fitzgerald will be presenting on aquatic plant management for lake owners. This will be a virtual format (Zoom) on March 24th, at noon. To register, click on the link below.

Register in advance for this meeting:

There will be some time for questions, so please join the meeting and see how you can help to maintain a healthy lake for all to enjoy!

Lakes Appreciation Month

The North American Lake Management Society has a list of activities and resources to help curb boredom, encourage creativity and learning, and have some fun while stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The activities are for students, families, and professionals and include live lake webcams, tours of national parks, activity sheets, STEM resources, webinars and more.

Visit the website

The Village is Ready for Boating

Starting today you can purchase your boat stickers at the Village Hall.

Since the State of Illinois stopped requiring the registration of canoes and kayaks, the Village will no longer require boat stickers for these non-motorized vessels.  Stickers will still be required for motorboats, jet skis, battery operated boats and sailboats. 

Every motorized boat and sailboat which are operated on Third Lake and Druce Lake are required to have a village sticker.  Stickers can be purchased at the Village Hall during office hours or over the phone using a credit card. A current copy of your boat registration must also be provided. The lake ordinance (Ord. 20-02-02) will be enforced this year by the Lake County Sheriffs office. 

The cost of the boat launch key at the Village launch has been reduced to $10.

            10 horsepower or less — $25       Sailboat ———-— $10

             11 – 25 horsepower  —–- $35      Electric Motor ——$15

             Over 25 horsepower —–- $45

Canadian Geese

Have you noticed the large amount of Canadian geese on the lakes this year? They are enjoyable to watch, however they can be very loud (especially at 2 a.m.) and geese that are no longer migrating can cause problems with the quality of the lake. There are a few things that you can do to help both the geese and the lake. The most important is do not feed the geese. Read the linked article for more information.

Canada Gees and Your Lake

Duck Hunting

We have had residents express concerns about hearing gunfire.Waterfowl hunting is allowed in unincorporated areas. Illinois Department of Natural Resources regulates size and power of the shotguns and requires hunters to be at least 100 yards away from an inhabited dwelling. If you would like additional information please click here to access the DNR Hunting and Trapping Regulations.